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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ibiza dream

  The Siesta House

This avant-garde modern villa 'Siesta House' offers a wonderful sunset view of the Santa Eulalia Bay. With 6500 square feet and a superb terrace it is probably one of the most attractive developments in the White Island of Ibiza. Five years ago- only a concept designed by Spanish architect Pablo S. Zucchero- now a reality.
Pablo Salon Zucchero runs on the island of Ibiza his own consulting and design studio. It is also a real estate company where he meets the wishes of its customers with great vigour. In order to be able to work as much as possible Internationally and to pursue his passion for travelling, he is registered in Spain, Italy, Argentina, Sweden and The Netherlands and is a member of the American Institute of Architects in USA.

Questions & Answers

 Julz: Pablo you live and work in Ibiza, known for its famous night-life and its  beautiful nature- why would you not move to another place?

Pablo: Ibiza is the perfect place to live for a designer. The White Island is a luxury brand between world class architects, artists and writers. It's like a millionaires club with a touch of vintage lifestyle.

Julz: It's sometimes not easy to find a good balance between work and recreation. How do you fill up with energie?
Pablo: I know of a hidden little beach in Ibiza with no tourist. It’s one of the best places in the world to recharge my energies. It called Punta Galera, an inspiring hidden beach that was the scenario for meditation and beach parties in the '70. I have a few of these magic places close to my house. But also love Amsterdam and Berlin to be “another one”. New design and fashion trends are updated there every five minutes. 
Julz: Where do you take inspiration from?

Pablo: My influences are modern architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn and Richard Neutra. I am also very interested in the local architecture like the famous white churches which are a permanent inspiration in my designs.

Julz: We are living in an age where our communication is mostly digital – how do you deal with this ?

Pablo: The new technologies give my design studio the possibility to reach out any little corner and client around the globe, but communication is still fifty percent and it only works for me if I can make it real. 

Julz: What makes you happy and do you have a life motto??

Pablo: I don't have a motto, but spirituality is a must- have for a free minded person like me. I don't look for happiness, but I want be close to my inner peace, which makes me feel genuine in a world where most people are looking for standardized ways of life.
Julz: Which situation stamped you mostly in life?

Pablo: I couldn't say that a specific situation stamped me, more a time span. My teenage days when I decided to become an architect. Now, sometimes I still want to come back to those fresh days when my ideas came out without any prejudice.

Pablo Salon Zucchero Architect T +34666243646



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