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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Shiny, glossy, trendy?

The new VW Polo, Top or Flop?

The Volkswagen Polo is a supermini car produced by the German manufacturer Volkswagen, and has recorded over 14 million sales. This car model had a significant influence on me during my teenage years, even though I bought a VW Beetle with  more unique style. Since April 2014, a new VW Polo era started. Following many years of work by the VW team, the new design and additional features are generating curiosity. This was the reason why 'Carsinfashion' went on a short shooting tour with Andreas Burkert of the online magazine 'Drive and Style' to find out how trendy the new model is. Many thanks to Andreas, who had taken extra-time on his way to the VW press event outside of Munich.

The Story                                             

Drive& Style is the premium automotive lifestyle and travel magazine for the modern woman, the Vogue of the auto industry. When it comes to fashion and styling, it was important for me, to choose two outfits with different statements, sexy-cheeky in form-fitting I-silhouette and rocking-elegant in Y-silhouette. To emphasize my theme 'CarsinFashion'  I was able to collaborate with Norbert Schmitz, event  host and designer, to support me with one extravagant scarf of his collection. This particular accessory has a woman-automotive print.  Schmitz scarves are represented by the PR agency '22 fashion agency' and show the flyer motifs of his party events ' Blub Club'.
When Andreas called and briefed me that we'll get a snow-white VW Polo and he'll arrive in about two hours to pick me up, I was already very anxious of our first teamwork. For the first look, Andreas had a dusty gravel track in his mind. Impudence wins and so we entered a dusty construction area in the West of Munich. Here I am wearing a short dark-blue-grey skirt with different lengths in wool material mix, a classic avant-garde top with long side tie in wool material mix, both from my own collection. Sunglasses by Missoni, a shiny leggings by Calzedonia, handbag of Spencer & Rutherford and grey high shoes by Bagatt. The nail varnish and pink lip gloss are products of Kiko.

For the second look we wanted something more eclectic and artsy-fartsy.  I'm wearing a dress by Tibi with  a high waist, over it a black leather jacket by Clothcraft, pink heels by Tally Weijl and the same classic shiny leggings in brown shades of Calzedonia as in my rocking-elegant look from the first location. I have chosen with intent the same leggings to show how easy it is to combine them and create two different styles, one sexy and one elegant. Here the shimmering brown gives the coloured dress a unfeminine touch, so that the pink high heels are moving into the centre of attention, so that this styling looks sexy and chic, while in look 1 the glossy brown leggings highlighting the  special details of the short skirt such as long side tie and jeans pocket. I could not have said it more precisely, as laid down in article by Ingeborg Harms, Vogue 1/14: 'Don't be afraid and accept your proclivity'! 
Incredibly, it can't be so difficult to take a good picture of this scarf showing the print so clearly?
Luckily we had a bit of wind and I had a nice time.
I think we did it well.
The scarves with dimensions such as 170 x 135 cm have a high wearing comfort and are available to buy in the fashion store 'Pool' in Munich. In my opinion. Schmitz scarves could be used as well as a pareo at beach spots like Barcelona, St.Tropez and Miami. A bikini collection in the near future would be desirable and help to show the avant-garde designs much better.

Trend or Option?                                                        

This raises questions, if the new VW Polo is a real option to the VW Golf or just a trendy nippy little car? The cockpit itself looks very similar to the VW Golf and is pretty clear.
The highlights are such as LED light, social multimedia, means when I connect I-Phone or Android phone via cable to the display all my apps turn up on it. Please do not test this while driving. Whether this is useful or not, depends on your comfort and integration to use of technology. What I also find attractive is the upgrade of the security system including the cruise control, automatic distance control, and city emergency brake. Euro-enthusiasts will love that this car meets the Euro 6 standards with lower fuel consumption, up the 21%. How this looks in the reality, this remains to be seen. This time I wasn't able to test drive the new VW Polo by myself, except turning a lap in the dusty gravel, but it drives very agile due servo steering and it responds very quickly to. From the dimensions nothing much changed, for tall people with long legs there isn't any noticed change.
I am totally in love with the edgy, sporty mirrors and the sophisticated colour finishes. Especially I am keen on the toffee brown. It looks classy and grown up. Bravo!
For me personally, the VW Polo is not a Golf alternative, although it has many modern benefits in security and multimedia. The VW Golf has a little more space in the width and is simply more convenient for long distances. 


I think the new 'facelift' was worth it, the VW Polo has been pimped up to date shortly before its 40th birthday and is surely not only a trendy accessory. With it alongside, you find a solid, fashionable companion and no matter what you wear daily, with colours in brown, snow-white, blue and dark red nothing can go wrong. As the new pantone colours forecast for 2014/15, sophisticated dark brown will stay, also leggings in various looks and styles.
Woman should not take the fashion-rules too serious, just try,  combine and have fun according to the motto 'Trust yourself'. Unfortunately, as so often, the interior design has been completely forgotten and this dark grey is plain boring, but the general appearance is harmonious and I am positive that the new VW Polo will easily surpass the sales success of the past 39 years. 

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