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Saturday, 1 November 2014

The new generation!

The McLaren P1 GTR concept

Every car created is designed with an aim. A stated objective that defines the car and so the philosophy of everything for a reason started with race driver Bruce McLaren. It's part of the McLaren DNA and underpins every design and engineering decision they make. Bruce founded 1965 the McLaren Racing that is second only to Scuderia Ferrari, the most successful team in the history of Formula One, and hold the record of fifteen victories in one season (1988). Today the racing company is part of the British McLaren group. 
Beauty is inherent in an optimised design like the gold leaf in the McLaren F1's engine bay.
The stunning 'Rectractable Hard  Top (RHT) roof and dihedral doors of the 12C Spider.
The goal of the McLaren P1, for example, was to create the most exciting, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished super car ever made. 
For Europeans the 'Concours d'Eleganza Villa d'Este' is perhaps the most significant of all events, but the 'Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance' is bigger and more impressive and offers an exciting six days of automotive fun, pleasure and rare beauties, that attracts more then 15 000 visitors. This beauty contest in California, United States shines with the presentation of more than two hundred twenty-five selected cars, taking place on the 18th hole at the golf course Pebble Beach Links, which is located between the Bay of Carmel and Monterey; is world-famous.

The First Class program includes driving events, exhibitions and auctions, premiers and competitions, to make anybody happy. The tickets cost between 275$ and 600$ depending on the event, and the proceeds in part go to local charities. The Highlights, among others, were the auction of the 'Ferrari 250 GTO' from the Violati collection for about 28.5 million Euros sold by Bonham's. The unveiling of the limited edition Bugatti Veyron 'Ettore Bugatti' for three million Euros and a car that connects history with the present, the replica 1963 'Jaguar Lightweight E-Type' for nearly two million Euros. Lamborghini revealed the latest super sports model 'The Huracan' in the racing version of 'Super Trofeo' and McLaren presented itself with  its latest model, the Haute Couture Track Racer P1  GTR. 

What is so special about the new addition to the McLaren family? It is the little brother of the McLaren F1 GTR, which was bodied on an McLaren F1 (1992-1998), that won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1995. Of the 106 McLaren F1 models built, only 29 McLaren F1 GTR models were constructed.
McLaren F1 GTRs raced internationally until 2005 when the final race chassis was retired. Since I've been dealing with classics and super cars, I've had many requests for McLaren F1s, at astronomical prices and I became curious about this particular model. The design of the McLaren F1,  in my opinion, is the most striking motorcar of the McLaren success story, and not only that, even today it remains a solid investment that achieves record-breaking sums at auction.
The McLaren F1 remains one of the fastest production cars ever built, even up to July 2013, it is surpassed by very few cars, these include the 'Koenigsegg Agera R', the 'Bugatti Veyron', the 'SSC Ultimate Aero TT', the Hennessey Venom GT' and the 'Bugatti Veyron Super Sport'. All these top speed machines use forced induction to reach their respective top speeds, whereas the McLaren F1 is naturally aspirated.

With her curved sloping nose, the rounded wings and the huge rectangular wide eyes, the lateral trunk, the short and edged rear, and with brake lights in circular shape, it carries the unmistakable signature of chief designer Gordon Murray and Peter Stevens and remains till today a true piece of motoring art.  

Because of this, I was quite anxious awaiting the debut of its 'successor' which was presented as a design study at the McLaren Brand Centre on the 18th fairway at the Pebble Beach Lodge at 18.00 ET on Friday August 15 and so I enquired about taking exclusive pictures of the launch from Roy Martens, a personal acquaintance from Hamburg.
He splits his time between L.A. and Hamburg, and heads a consulting company for film investment; he is an automotive enthusiast himself and owns one of the biggest networks for the film Industry 'The Film'. He can be found every year at the Cannes Film Festival and is the right person when it comes to questions about the film business. 

The new generation McLaren, the P1, is of course a different world than the McLaren F1, using new technologies, new design features, greater performance and hybrid green thinking. Lighter materials and motors ensure an extremely safe driving experience, and almost un-paralleled levels of performance. According to the press release from McLaren, it might be possible that the design study with chassis #01, colour-coordinated  in silver-orange that is reminiscent of the glory days at 'Le Mans' in 1995, is one of the first McLaren F1 GTR test car with chassis #01R. 

The new P1 GTR will be probably produced in a limited edition of 30 pieces and only offered to McLaren P1 Owners. Prices will be around 2.2 million Euros and the manufacturing by McLaren Special Operations will not begin until 2015, when all the 375 McLaren P1 have been delivered. The aim of this beast with 1000 HP, a motor sport-optimised 3.8- litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine and lightweight electric motor, is to be the most powerful driver's car in the world on track and the dramatic design concept gives a preview of a new era in 2015.

Spectacular Aerodynamic features wherever are clear to see:      

  • A streamlined silhouette
  • A fixed ride height lower than the standard car
  • Enhanced power delivery from the IPAS power train
  • Formula 1™- derived DRS from the large to boost acceleration performance
  • The mirrors have been repositioned to the A pillars, to put them closer to the eye line of the driver and reduce aerodynamic drag
  • A fixed rear wing and an ERS-style push- to-pass system
  • Lightweight 19-inch motor sport alloy wheels are fitted, 10.5-inches wide at the front, 13-inches at the rear. The bespoke slick tires designed by technical partners Pirelli offer a greater level of grip, cornering agility and handling balance.
What an extraordinary exhaust design! If you look at this back you see a race track monster, then only a motor car. Comparable with a unique Haute Couture dress, this automotive fantasy is developed exclusively for the new McLaren P1 GTR. 
Below the rear wing sits the exposed, centrally mounted exhaust, which is an all new design. Made from Inconel and titanium alloy, the system maximizes the aural characteristic of the higher output 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 engine, to maintain, and further emphasize the McLaren sound. The design of the exhausts has also changed, with a straight cut twin pipe set-up now used in place of the single exist exhaust. 

We remain curious whether the McLaren P1 GTR will enter into the triumphant footsteps of its big brother the McLaren F1 GTR. Positive, we find that a customized driver program of McLaren Special Operations is included with the purchase price, because what could be more important than passing on their own long-standing Formula One experience to customers? The McLaren racing team has enjoyed many victories, accumulating much experience and expertise in this field and with every McLaren P1 owner there certainly exists the little boy who wanted to become a racing driver. The McLaren P1 GTR was indeed developed with client demand in mind, and with the exclusive program, wishes certainly do come true. The schedule contains driving events, specialist driver trainings, human performance and access to the McLaren racing simulator and technologies, resources and people throughout the McLaren Technology Centre and for sure many other benefits. We believe it will be a tremendous opportunity and definitely one of the best experiences for any soon-to-be McLaren P1 GTR owner. What's better than a happy and satisfied customer?

© Photocredits & Source: Roy Martens -sec8code@pebblebeach, 
Jul Krabetz,, Mclaren, Lamborghini, Wikipedia



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