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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The supermini car

The Ypsilon S by MOMODESIGN- Top or Flop?

Are cars truly fashionable? Can the automobile be an accessory? Do Car designers follow the same trend tendencies as fashion designers? CarsinFashion on tour finds that out. The term is a creation of Julz and emerged after a heated discussion about the value and desirability of classic cars versus the value of fashion trends. This involved Julz, fashion designer /Car loving enthusiast and a classic car collector with a taste for the finest. Over the next articles I’ll publish, we’ll see how fashion was used to promote desirability in the finest automobiles.

It seems there is a parallel interest in fashion and quality collector cars. From color choices, to interior design, the similar attributes seem to be inner woven into a decades of combining the two. From the Concours events of the 1930’s when cars and fashion combined a center stage in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower, to the center stage introductions at the Geneva Motor Show the Automobile is defined by fashion. 

This time I took the latest model of Lancia, the supermini  Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN under the microscope while I was with AWR Magazin and Lancia at the fashion week Berlin. The criteria are, in addition to the driving pleasure - performance, the design, style and inspiration. 

The Lancia Ypsilon is a luxury supermini produced by Italian automaker Lancia since 1996. This is the replacement of the Y10, although it is larger and more expensive. Between 1995 and 2005 Lancia produced  more than 870,000 Ypsilons. This special series also traces its origins back to 2007 when two of Italy's top names in design joined forces to combine the refined elegance of Lancia with the high-tech, sporting spirit of MOMODESIGN. The new Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN is styled for young people looking for a smallish automobile with a sporty ambience.


I especially enjoyed the matt black finish of the hood, roof and tailgate. This gives the car a touch of luxury even if it may look pedestrian for others. Comparable to the current legging trends, the color Matt Black can be seen in almost every leather and stretch leggings. Thus it is much more combined and acts always exciting but never cheap. The Bi-Colore is only available for the Ypsilon S by MOMODESIGN and you can choose from  colors like Neve White, Vulcano Black, Argilla Red, Pietra Grey and Zaffiro Blue. 
I also like that the door handles are in the same color as the body, in this case red.  


I am really enthusiastic  from the wheel style in black and white. Like it very much. Black and white never goes out of fashion and always looks elegant.
The tires are original 15" black alloy wheels (matt black 16" wheels available as an option).

Interior & driving performance

A bit annoyed me when I was in hurry at the fashion week. My navigation device was to the left and the speedometer on the right and not in front of me. Especially under time pressure, it requires constant concentration. I'm sure the designers themselves, thought to make something completely different, but I just find it distracting. As you can see in the photo, the shifter is not right next to the seat but below the central tachometer. This requires a slightly different approach at the beginning, but after a day it's great fun to drive around. I personally find it a pity that the sportive Bi-color topic does not continue in the interior. So the interior style features a  elegant dark lining combined with a black dashboard and door panels.


With the  Ypsilon MOMODESIGN S you are on the safe side of fashionable fun. It drives smooth and is very agile. There is  plenty of room for bags in the trunk and with this black and white tire design, it is certainly seen in the long term a more elegant and sporty companion. As it has all the benefits of a modern city car, it has space for four people and even does not look clunky. The matt black Bi- Color theme creates vitality and an eye-catcher. 
The magazine Elle has already shown last fall wonderful Editorials, inspired to the wild 1960 's.

The interior design is too boring for me personally although it creates a great contrast to the outer body shell.  On this, the designers gave up an opportunity to be very creative. 'Contrasts' this year are an important topic in the fashion carousel, and these design enhancements ring a bell that speaks loudly for matching design and fashion.

I‘m wearing white boots by Bagatti, Munich;  black warm tights by C & A, a gold sequin mini skirt from Pinkie Hamburg, gray knitted gloves @ Tchibo, a dark blue wool blazer @ Zara, a golden cotton sweater @ H & M, glasses by Missoni and a gray rabbit fur hat.

Photos ©  Thomas Starck, Berlin und AWR Magazin, Source: Lanciapress

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