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*A creative free spirit, German designer & stylist Jul Krabetz doesn't conform to societies set rules and is always looking to create something new and exciting. Developing her ideas as her work progresses and ignoring trends is one of Juls specialities. Perfection is her motivation and she always strives for her unique designs to tell a story.*
Fashion label Jul Krabetz fashonART +style with the premium brand K Krabetz respectively Jul Krabetz. Women‘s and men‘s apparel, bespoke unique pieces and ready to wear in limited numbers.

The nieche pieces can‘t be categorised in sports-, street or casual wear, as they represent an unique and timeless avantgarde elegance. Sexy, stylish, edgy, mad and crazy are words that spring to mind.
Completely new ways of using zips, couture inspired draping methods, ribbons, an exciting mix of materials and sophisticated cuts distinguish the brand and give it an unmistakably touch. A lot of handwork and timeless sophistication make Krabetz dresses fit for the red carpet. 

The timeless fashion of Jul Krabetz will accompany every fashion conscious woman from debutante age to the winter of her live. Beyond trends, she will develop her wardrobe by acquiring pieces, which will become her best friends.

Styling: Jul Krabetz, Jewelry: Suna Moya,  © Photographer: Eric Ouaknine, Paris

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