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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

An Eternal love ( part 1)

Route Lac Leman - Rolle

There are only two things in the world which make my head clear: The art and nature. Since I first came in touch four years ago with the French part of Switzerland, I am in eternally love. In love with the breathtaking view of Lac Léman and the snowy mountains in Crans-Montana.
Each year in March I attend the international Automobile show in Geneva, and I am very fortunate to have private accommodations in Mont-sur-Rolle and Crans-Montana, good food, great company and fabulous conversations are all part of the package.

On one occasion I had an appointment with AWR Magazine on press days and wanted to show myself neither funky nor too conservative as a car and fashion editor, after having a few relaxing days on Lac Leman and in the mountains which I love. 
Even though I hate or admit it, the next part could be a real challenge for a woman travelling by train. Knowing myself, I took basics like a dark blue jacket, three pairs of jeans and leggings. In addition, several tops and my little  black dress in the I-Line. Four pairs of shoes - Sheepskin boots, high heels, leather boots and then my suitcase was already full. As a jacket, I then decided to go with my green polar parka with an elegant fur vet over it. Since the weather is unpredictable, it has become difficult to take the right wardrobe all the time.

The Motor Show was exciting, but also quite exhausting so I was happy for a chance to relax for a few days, considering I had arrived sick in Geneva.  

Mont-sur-Rolle is a municipality in the district of Nyon in the Township of Vaud. It is located 2–3 kilometres from the shores of Lac Léman, above the lakeside town of Rolle. The area is renowned for its wine-making fields which has a distinctive fizzy- fruit flavour.

 If you know me, you would know that I always rise up early to enjoy a wonderful sunrise and stunning view over the lake. 

For townsfolk like me the general silence is quite unusual. For townsfolk like me the general silence is quite unusual.
From time to time a few eagles are circling and you hear the howling engine of a car that is “growling” up the hill, but otherwise you are alone with nature. 
On this trip, I was lucky with the weather, so I was able to have wonderful long walks undertaken by the vineyards on the waterfront of Rolle.

After that I just day dreamed, enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace and look forward to the next day.

Photos © Jul and ©AWR Magazin

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Julia. You've written a very nice trip report. And your images will awaken a yearning for travel in me. Thanks! Regards, Kurt



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