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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Paul van Dyk meets Giuseppe Verdi!

An absolutely, extraordinary night

Every summer a five week high-class cultural event attracts and enamours an international audience. In addition to events such as opera, concerts and ballet productions, the free admission open-air performance 'Opera for All' as developed into one of the hightlights of the whole festival. The opera festival was originally founded in 1875 when operas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Richard Wagner were a common occurrence during the summer months at Bavarian Castles. The idea of the musical event that to discover such an act as to go over big with the people, and so Prince Regent Luipold built the 'Prinzregenten Theatre' around the turn of the century, the booming period of the Munich Opera Festival. The first production was held August 21st, 1901.

The 'Giuseppe Verdi' experiment

For a unique musical experiment, the organizers of the opera festival were able to win one of the most famous DJ's of electronic dance music, Paul van Dyk, in order to interpret pieces of  Guiseppe Verdi's (1813-1901), and play together with the orchestra at the Bavarian State Opera House. The choice for Verdi was easy because according to Paul van Dyk, Giuseppe Verdi is the only composer whose music contains a wonderful mix of dramatic and melodramatic passages that carries emotions, and these are the main elements that are reflected in his music. During his gig on the 27 June, 2013 at the National Theatre he was accompanied by classic artists such as Nadja Michael (soprano), Julia Mary Dan (soprano), Ekaterina Gubanova (mezzo-soprano), Andrea Borghini (baritone), as well as the English musician Christian Burns. 

What is life about?

Some experiences in life are unique and priceless.. but this we distinguish mostly in hindsight. Only then, we begin contemplating a specific moment and wish to experience it once again. Since the founding of my Blog magazine 'CarsInFashion' in January 2014, I have been writing about inspiring people, about automobiles, and the world that I am lucky enough to travel in. I'm happy to be among the ones that cherish and nurture a certain level of nostalgia. I've always been a tremendous follower of electronic music, and I remember well the good old times in Berlin, when many inspiring Techno-art exhibitions and parties took place in the club called 'E-Werk'. 

The show

It was a mild summer night, and we I arrived early at the opera house so access would be easier. It felt like being in a Euro-film, there was an eerie silence in the hall, so we ordered drinks, and began wandering about, until we came across the area where the orchestra was already playing.
Like two little girls we whispered to each other, we were so happy to finally find the actual room, while listening to the overture.

Then the grand curtain goes up and there's the DJ surrounded by a glistening ray of lights thumping basses and behind him an incredible light show.

Paul van Dyk and the singers performed an eclectic show with fantastic performances, while alternating with each other. The multi-colored light show changed to the beat of the classical music and electronical beats.

The lights in the lodges and balconies flickered rhythmically and created a very special atmosphere. I snapped so many photos and recorded videos because I was so fascinated and overwhelmed... stunned from the unique interaction of the  music, location, vibes and ambience.
Not only Paul enjoyed this extraordinary night, the artists also danced to his music and the party people celebrated the thrilling fusion of the electro-dance and classic sound mix.
We could have danced all night long, but alas, all good things must come to an end.
I am wearing my army jean bag, a dress by Malvin and a brooch I made to a collar
Me and my friend Martina enjoyed the party

We could have stay all night long there!
Warm summer nights are rare in Munich, so afterwards we unwounded with some nightcaps and discussions over our most recent and unique experience of lights and sounds.

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