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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Torofeo VS Panerai Carbotech

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious creations! (3)

What do a Mansory Lamborghini and a Panerai watch have in common? Not really much, besides the fact that they both share the same material carbon fibre, both are lightweight in their class and both are an in-house production. It seems that the designers have chosen carbon fibre for their favourite material. Welcome the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious creations!

Exhibition 'Munichtime'

The Munichtime watch exhibition is an annual event which takes place at the Hotel Bayrischer Hof in Munich and is an absolutely obligatory date for all timepiece enthusiasts.
Inside the Hotel Bayrischer Hof,  watch exhibition Munichtime 2016
There is no admission fee, a family atmosphere and the exhibitors are open-minded and available for any question you might have..Let's have a look at 2016:
White watches for her with rose decoration, Bucherer luxury watch with black dial and blue splashes

Watch table, tall dial, interior design

G-Shock watches, sporty, luxury

Erwin Sattler clock with a golden eagle and Jean Marcel watch
G-Shock watch for a new target market. Brown dial

four chronoswiss watches, one with a red dial, one with a blue dial

Alexander Shorokhoff watch

Bell & Ross timepieces in a sporty style

Benzinger watches

Panerai on the rooftop of the hotel

I felt quite surprised about the usage of the carbon fibre material when I discovered the grey watch model at an additional exhibition on the rooftop of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. Until that moment, I had not realized that carbon fibre is slowly, but surely being accepted and overtaking various industries! I especially like the structure of the material, as it appears very alive. The blue colour splashes on the dial and the black rubber strap, which contains for the first time the OP logo in blue are forming an interesting contrast with the dark grey watch case.
Blue Spa coffee drinking and later the fullmoon watching, Frauenkirche, summertime and a big crane
The rooftop location 'Blue Spa' is a popular hotspot for parties, fine dining and coffee drinker. Its view at day and night is sheer breathtaking.
Rooftop of the hotel Bayrischer Hof, sundowner, Blue Spa

Rainy day, view at Munich from the Blue Spa in Munich

The bronze case

As authentically, Panerai remains loyal to its historical heritage regarding their design and form language, so surprisingly the designers are quite open-minded for using extraordinary materials for their freshest watch creation.
Recently, in 2010, Panerai launched the Luminor Submersible with a bronze case and it will be a thrilling curiosity to see which remarkable materials will amaze us in the near future!

Mansory at the Motor Show Frankfurt

At the international motor show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the tuning company Mansory showcased various Black Beauty creations. The stand design was kept minimalistic.

Colour charts by Mansory at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015
A glossy floor, a few colour charts and the typical chairs made from carbon fibre.

Rear view of the Torofeo

The rear view of the Mansory Torofeo is a brilliant achievement of virtuoso styling.
Manory Torofeo, Details of the back, Black Car
A black car with many lightweight plastic elements can look elegant but also sometimes quite boring because the material possesses a very dominant impression. The combination of glimmering, shiny carbon fibre, the angular forms and the open-cut honeycomb pattern similar to a lace garment in the actual fashion scenery, appears energetic and interesting.


What would the world be without any inspiration and provoking-thought impulses? With this article, I'd like to sensitize my readers about the beauty of the outsider material carbon fibre and I am pretty sure that I'll introduce many other exciting examples of it.
 black Mansory Torofeo front view,  grey Panerai Carbotech at a man wrist
Of course, you can't compare the  Mansory Torofeo versus the Panerai Carbotech, but they complement each other perfectly from their style. A Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech on a male wrist looks amazing while being in the cockpit of a Mansory Torofeo which is flooded with carbon fibre. Only a beautiful female company is missing. For that reason, this time a styling suggestion for him and her.

Styling Advice

Grey is a cold colour with a cool understatement. Therefore, I would add some colouring splashes of pastel to create a livelier contrast.

For her

The carbon fibre material appears quite strong. So I would highlight femininity. Pastel colour and maybe a strong red. 

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  1. On our visit to this place, we mostly stayed downstairs, where the beer and liquor selection was quite admirable. The staff at venue NYC here really pride themselves on the beers and food they have.



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