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Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Black Car Dress!

The Lamborghini TOROFEO (1)

A true master in creating wild creations with carbon fibre is the tuning company 'Mansory'. Well-known Automotive trade fairs like the Geneva and Frankfurt Motor Show would be quite boring without their sparkling fantasy in automotive design.

The creative laboratory

The company was founded in 1989 by the automobile enthusiast and businessman Kourosh Mansory in Munich. His passion for British high-class vehicles and others like Ferrari led him to set up his company focusing on tuning, handcrafting and innovative technologies. The In-House production is dedicated to the client needs and provide a creative laboratory, a saddlery and a works' own autoclaves for producing carbon reinforced plastic (CFRP). Nowadays the Mansory Design Holding is located in Brand and Zumikon and offers a wide range of additional product lines like furniture, fashion, watches and much more.

A new-look for the Lamborghini Huracan

For its freshest creation, the Mansory specialists dressed up the "little" Lamborghini Huracan with a completely new-look in carbon fibre.
Lamborghini Huracan is getting a Mansory Bull
Thoroughgoing changes have been made to the body, engine and interior, making the little Lamborghini a real Mansory 'Bull'.  Its name 'TOROFEO' is inspired by the 'Super Trofeo Motorsports series' and the Spanish word 'Toro' which means 'bull'.

The horsepower beast

The TOROFEO is a truly horsepower-beast, although it looks like a usual Mansory bull.
Mansory TOROFEO horsepower of 1250 PS
The original 610 HP (449kw) got tuned-up to mind-boggling 1,250 HP! In only 2.7 seconds it starts racing on forged alloy wheels up to 100km/h and stops beyond 340km/h.
 Black Mansory TOROFEO on the street
This is more than crazy. To reach such an increase in performance, the Mansory team has rebuilt the 5.2-litre capacity V10 engine. They installed pistons, connecting rods, bearings, camshafts, a water-cooled intercooler, an entire fuel-system and built-in two bearings-mounted Mansory turbochargers.

Appearance and Engineering

To create a brand-new design, the body got a complete refreshing painting with carbon fibre and some radical engineering changes: new styling of the striking side skirts, mirror housings wheel arches bear, doors, the front lip and apron. The light-weight carbon fibre components take on two functions: appearance and engineering. The impressive air intakes for example in the front apron optimise the flow of fresh air to the cooler. Together with the specially built front lip, it results in an enhanced downforce for better road holding at the limits of performance, which is one important feature for a car with ultra-high 1,250 horsepower! The front is 30 millimetres wider and the back 40 millimeters.
Mansory TOROFEO from the front
The very bright daytime light running on the crystal design delivers a safety feeling and adds a touch of liveliness to the eyes of the horsepower beast.

The Aircraft Cockpit

The interior is dominated by carbon fibre applications, also the finest leather and Alcantara for the seats and the dashboard.
Mansory TOROFEO Cockpit Style
The new steering wheel and aluminium foot pedals. A pretty fashionable eye catcher is the red starter button which the Mansory team replaced from the centre console to the roof liner inspired by an aircraft cockpit.


The 'little black' car dress

Thumbs up for this good-looking new addition to the Mansory family!
Mansory Lamborghini TOROFEO Carbon Fibre Style
Mansory TOROFEO with its new black dress in the spotlight!
I am really in love with the black, shining style invisible carbon fibre. This magical 'car dress' looks simple, but having the same effect equal to the 'little black dress' by the iconic grand lady of the fashion world- Coco Chanel!

The motorcar garment maker

Is it possible to compare car tuning shops with us fashion designers? Do they act like motorcar garment maker, developing prêt-a porter and haute couture styles for cars? In my opinion, they do, because they dress up the cars. The extreme example of this comparison is MANSORY.... They are playing with colour, contrast, forms and using carbon fibre like haute couture designers ordering 1000th meters of exquisite material for their next fashion collection. A selection here:
Mansory at the Frankfurt Motorshow 2015
 Mansory -Blue Rolls-Royce -front-view
Mansory Bentley orange
Mansory Cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, Ferrari, Rolls Royce
Yellow Mansory Ferrari

Mansory Rolls Royce cockpit in white-gold

Photo credit by Jul Krabetz, Mansory Design Holding

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